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Customer Experience Transformation are three main activities: Listen, Implement CX Processes & CX Design. We help you do this successfully and get the right results.

We partner up with our clients to help them execute on strategies and make a step change in the customer experience and satisfaction by capturing what really drives customer behavior and then getting to action and implementation.

Listen: What matters to customers is more than meets the eye. That is why we prefer to talk about ”listening” rather than ”capture” data. What are your customers really telling you?

Implement CX Processes: Once you have captured what really matters the real challenge lies in implementing it and get your Customer Experience Management in place. Successful CX Management involves many aspects, everything from creating a sense of direction, to continuously have quality improvement programmes in place in operations. But it is not rocket science and practice makes perfect. We show you how with our hands-on approach, tailored to your needs.

CX Design: Once you know what drives and destroys value it is time to get into the driver seat of the Customer Experience and really create that deliberate experience where you are in control, every step of the way.


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Mats Söderberg

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Lars Johannsen

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Solutions and Services

Listening to the customer and capture the voice of customer is key to success. There are no shortcuts to make a change towards a more deliberate and sustainable customer experience.

Feedback is quintessential to change, especially customer feedback. We provide tools that when combined gives you just that; what people say, think and feel about you throughout the customer journey.

Like any tool, they require a little bit of craftsmanship and this is why we offer tailored solutions to match your specific needs.

Text & Voice Analytics

80% of the customer voice is unstructured data. Even more if you include voice. This is a huge untapped wealth of insight and possibilities are almost endless.

Although it is brilliant to offer the customer the possibility to give open comments by the end of a survey or as a complement to the multiple choice, it is our experience that many struggle to capture the essence of those comments and they end up of no use. If they do, it requires a lot of manual work from someone getting buried in a spreadsheet.

With our textanalysis tool offered through our partner Gavagai, we help you untap that source and make sense of it. It can be made both as a one-off to confirm a certain query or continuously and compare what is being said over time.

Also, imagine tapping into the internal logs of your CRM to pick up early signals of problems to be able to divert contacts by being proactive.

Lastly, you only get the answers you ask for – text analysis may help you find that missing important touchpoint.

This is just a few examples on how textanalysis can help you create a great customer experience.

Regardless if you are on a journey to set up a “Voice of the customer “ programme or if you are taking a few steps to get more enlightened about what matters to your customers, textanalysis may prove to be forceful tool to get you on your way.

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Experience mapping

Focus efforts by learning what are your key touchpoints. Based upon a little math and magic, how can you design them in order to create a customer experience that makes the right impression that matters?

One way of describing experience mapping is Journey mapping level 2 – where you quickly can see if your effort has made a tangible impact. While journey mappings are important they require a lot of work and doesn’t really put anything new into action in itself. Experience mapping takes one touchpoint and focuses on how this particular touchpoint is perceived – both rationally and emotionally.

The customer experience takes place in both a conscious and subconscious level and balancing these two perspectives is paramount for delivering a great Customer experience. Based upon experience and modern behavioural science we will assist you in this exciting new field.


Emotional research

What emotions does your company, products & services evoke throughout the lifecycle? Why is this important?

Are you one of the companies that does extensive research, you have a CX programme but you are still not getting the desired results? We know why.

Most likely you are only addressing the conscious part of the customer experience and not the subconscious experience.

Recent research shows that consumers know what they want on a subconscious level. That means that they cannot express what they want when on a direct question. This fact puts demands on research methods and calls for methods that will bring out goals and motives that cannot be expressed through traditional survey methods.

Does this sound complicated? Thanks to some advanced technique this is made simple.
We offer a unique perspective on emotional insight mining. Through our partner Protobrand and Meta4 Insight, an online application for metaphor elicitation, we mine the human psyche and uncover the rich, hidden motivations behind people’s behavior.

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Survey Software

Measuring and asking for feedback throughout out the customer life cycle provides insight, important KPIs and serves as a foundation for your CX transformation journey.

There are 3 primary purposes of a survey system in a customer feedback context. To monitor and analyse your set out customer experience, manage a “callback” process and to drive CX transformation.

We combine systems and knowledge for ongoing surveys to make sure you not only are on track on your journey towards excellent customer experience in the different touchpoints but also includes smart and hands on solutions to collect real time feedback and act on the feedback.

A customer that spends time to tell you what is not working presents an opportunity you should not miss out on. Straight from the source feedback will also prove to be an efficient component to make the customer present in the boardroom.

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Design & implementation of feedback programs

Project management and methods to go from information to action, breaking silos and making customer feedback experience everyone’s concern.

If you want to create a deliberate and sustainable customer experience, a feedback initiative is key. It can serve as a very powerful change agent given that you get it right. Automating a handful of questionnaires, deploying some text analytics and supporting that with some reporting, is approximately 20% of all that needs to be done if you want a world class feedback initiative.

While our frameworks serves as good departing point and serves as a guide throughout your journey, it is our servicemindedness, flexibility and experience that will help you transform your business into one that has the customer experience at the heart of every part of the business.

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